Why Vernier Bell?

Many Race and Performance car owners fit aftermarket Sequential or H-Pattern Gearboxes for faster shifting or to cope with significant engine power upgrades and extreme race conditions. 

Its a myth that you can just bolt up an after-market gearbox and bell house to the engine, and they will magically be in perfect alignment. 

The facts are that no two engine blocks are exactly the same, and no two bell houses are exactly the same. Engine blocks may have been line bored, gearbox and bell house castings and drillings shift as molds and jigs wear over time. Given the typical .005" tolerance, it doesn't take much for things be be out of perfect alignment. 

Even if the bell house and the gearbox are made by the same manufacturer, it's physically impossible to achieve perfect alignment to the engine crankshaft by simply bolting them up. A one time Bell house to Crankshaft centreline alignment process should always be performed.

Vernier Bells make it easy with their Patent Pending alignment device eliminating the need for offset dowels as the adjustability is built right into the bell house.

Perfect Alignment

This enables: 

- Proper clutch function

- Correct loading of the gearbox and crank bearings

- Quiet and smooth bearing operation

- Easy smooth gear shifting

- Long term gearbox and drive-train reliability

... it will even free up horsepower. 

The dial indexing or bell alignment process enables the Gearbox Input Shaft centreline and Engine Crankshaft centrelines to be perfectly in sync. The challenge comes when you find that your bell house doesn't line up perfectly when the indexing process is performed.  

 - What do you do ?

 - Where do you buy offset dowels?

-  Which size offset dowels do you need?

-  How long will it take to receive offset dowels?

-  How do you even use offset dowels?

Vernier Bells eliminate these questions, as each bell house comes with built in adjustability. Our Patent Pending device that's part of every Vernier Bell House allows you to easily and perfectly align the gearbox input shaft to the engine crankshaft - and you do it just once. 

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